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Piano teachers have known this all along, but it is now confirmed by the research findings of Dr. Frances Rauscher and Dr. Gordon Shaw of the University of California at Irvine. The research team in Irvine, California explored the link between music and intelligence and reported that music training  specifically piano instruction - is far superior to computer instruction in dramatically enhancing  children's abstract reasoning skills necessary for learning math and science.

Jacksonville Piano Teacher Listing

Lisa Smith 886-4188
Vickie Stake 260-9873
Sandra Stewart 292-2297
Anna Frederick - (904)553-1512
Debra H Carter 262-0024
Richard Dickson 206-1986

Fruit Cove
Sonya Prescott 904-424-0545
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Schroeder's School of Music  (904) 230-4070 
Kathy Stephenson  (904) 866-7844

Jacksonville Neptune & Atlantic Beach
Great Scott Music Academy  (904) 538-0038
Mary Lou Krosnick 221-2805
Katherine Cromley 246-2815
Micheal Dell 241-9978
Cyndi Edwards 992-3899
Peggy Fleming 294-4411

Ponte Vedra Beach
Aida Ribeiro 543-0656
Ludi Mocke 273-4236

Emma Bledsoe  252-5401
Abigail Poirier 415-1844
Peggy Ezell 388-7186

Orange Park
Dominic Fusco 904-699-1403
Debrah Betz 781-6460
Joan Cordell 772-9092
Jennifer Hidalgo 378-5401
Sandra Roberts 284-5699
Cheryl Cafrelli 278-2512

Gavin Taylor 745-1435
Doug Mathews 725-4022
Joseph Williams 642-2454 

Lindsay Johnson 434-4968

Southside Jacksonville
Great Scott Music Academy  (904) 538-0038
Scott Watkins 318-8072
Rodney Cleveland 463-0959
Kamila Shahtakhtinski 645-6481

Riverside / Avondale
Michelle Huang (865) 591-2396

Jacksonville University
Scott Watkins 318-8072

LaVilla School of the Arts
Doug Mathews 725-4022