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Bösendorfer ranks among the world´s oldest piano manufacturer, rich in tradition and world-famous for its unmistakably inspiring sound as well as the outstanding quality of its instruments.
Bosendorfer Part 1
Bosendorfer Part 2

Fazioli Factory Tour

The Fazioli Company has produced grand and concert-grand pianos since 1981, when the company was founded by pianist and engineer Paolo Fazioli.
Each instrument is individually handcrafted combining high quality materials with the finest workmanship and technology.

The Fazioli factory is located in Sacile, 60 Km (35 miles) northeast of Venice in the northeastern part of Italy. The area is renowned for an ancient and prestigious tradition in woodworking.

Kawai Pianos

Kawai was founded in 1927 by Koichi Kawai, a gifted piano craftsman, in Hamamatsu, Japan. From its humble beginnings, the company has grown to become one the largest and best known musical instrument companies in the world.

Mason & Hamlin

Established in 1854, the Mason & Hamlin Piano Company was one of the original Boston piano manufacturers and a pioneer of the full-perimeter plate design. The Mason & Hamlin family ancestry dates back to the arrival of the Mayflower on Plymouth Rock in the 1600’s. Henry Mason’s father, Lowell Mason, became the first music teacher in American public schools and is known as the Father of American church music, and the Father of American public school music education. Lowell Mason was the co-founder of the Boston Academy of Music and later became the superintendent of the Boston school system.