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Piano Care

This chart shows the basic pattern of humidity change your piano goes through throughout the year. The main benefit of the damp chaser system is it eliminates the highs and lows of the chart. Giving your piano a more stable environment and extending the life of your piano. In Florida our main concern is the high humidity levels which we reach in the summer months.
The affects of rust in the piano
At the junction where rusted strings wrap around rusted pins, rust corrosion forms a hardened bond between the two. Then, during a tuning, when your piano technician turns the pins to stretch the strings, the inflexible, rusted string snaps at this joint.
Another aspect of rusty strings is the friction it causes around the bridge and capo. These friction points don't allow the strings to move freely when tuned. Leaving behind tension in the non speaking length  that releases hours later thus pulling the piano out of tune. Keeping rust out of your piano is the most important aspect of piano care. And the only way to do this is by keeping the piano at or near 42% Relative Humidity. You can easily test the humidity levels in your house with a hydrometer.

Humidity levels in Florida
Living in Florida I highly recommend installing the dehumidifier aspect of the damp chaser system.  I configure each system according to the pianos environment.

 Most common situations are:
Two rods and one Humidistat.
Grand Piano System

One Rod and one humidistat
Upright piano system 135.00